Getting inspired by cam sex, I banged my girlfriend hard

I was an active guy who liked sex quite a lot. In fact, before Janey came into my life, I was sleeping with a new girl every night. Then Janey came and we got into a relationship. One year into it, my urges seem to be coming back. Although Janey is enthusiastic about sex, I can’t shove my dick in her 24/7. I had sex cravings at times and didn’t know what to do about it. Then I found out about cam sex but also banged my girlfriend hard after doing cam sex with other girls.

I had always assumed that physical proximity was necessary for a good orgasm, but my experience with cam sex changed that. Every night I could have a new girl without actually getting too close. Was this cheating if I never actually felt the cam girl’s skin on mine? I mean I was still attracted to Janey and I wanted to still fuck her. But even then, I decided to go ahead with the cam sex model.

I had logged in for the third time to the cam sex site and was watching Rosie. I had figured out how to use the site and had purchased some coins for use. I messaged Rosie that I wanted a private chat with her. She came over to the private room and we began talking. She had big boobs and I wanted to see. I asked her for it, “Rosie, please show me your boobies.” She laughed and lifted her top. Two large melons could be seen with large nipples. “Your nipples are large, one could chew on those,” I tell her. “Mmmm, you want to? My ex-boyfriend would suck on them continuously,” she replies while playing with those nipples.

Looking at her playing with those jugs, I get aroused. I start touching my cock, massaging the cockhead, the same as how she was touching her nipples. She was pressing, massaging and pulling hers, so I did the same to my cock, imagining her doing that to me. I was pressing myself and watching her play with those huge boobs. “Can you suck your own nipples?” I asked her because her boobs were quite large. She laughed and then actually lifted them up to her mouth to lick and suck. God that was so hot! I imagine myself doing that and I kid you not my mouth waters. “Now show me your pussy,” I tell her. I watch as she slowly removes her lacey panties and parts her legs to show a hair strip of blonde. She parts those juicy lips and shows me her cunt.

“I want you to fuck your cunt,” I tell her. I watch and rub my cock as she uses this thick dildo to fuck herself. The dildo parts her folds and I can see the hole open up to swallow the head of that huge shaft. But she pulls back and then pushes it in again. I imagine my cock doing that and immediately start masturbating. I add some jelly to my hands and get enough slip to rub myself to pleasure. I watch and watch Rosie playing with her tits, fucking her pussy and then I also see liquid seep out of her cunt. I am about to climax but the doorbell rings – Janey, and my cock deflates. This was the best cam2cam site that I had used but unfortunately, I couldn’t climax.

Janey was knocking on the door, so I scrambled to shut my laptop and open the door. But the minute I opened it, Janey looked down and saw my erect cock. She looked back up and smiled. Yeah, I was quite horny and Janey was here so I was a little nervous too. But she didn’t feel anything amiss and jumped on me. I was more than ready to bang her.

I hauled her up and threw her on the couch, the very same one where I was watching Rosie play with her tits. I was wild and I just tore off her tank top. Her boobs spilt out. “No bra?” I got mad. I had asked Janey to wear the bra when she went out but she didn’t listen, so I decided to punish her now. I knelt and pressed both the boobs hard. I pinched those nipples till she screamed and began sucking on them alternatively. “Wearing no bra out in public again? I will punish you,” I said. I began chewing her nipples gently, as I thought of Rosie. I wanted to do just this with Rosie and now I was doing it to Janey. She was mewling and trying to pull away, but I wasn’t going to let her. “Sorry, sorry,” she shouted and she began to tickle me to stop. So, I did. In my dreams also I banged my girlfriend hard, many times.

Then she got on her knees and made me sit on the couch. Her hands touched my cock and she started to rub the shaft up and down. She licks the length and starts sucking on the head. Although Janey was sucking my cock, all I could think about was Rosie. Those tits, that cunt, I couldn’t forget. Janey was pleasuring me, her tongue swirled around my head and she gave a hard sucking pull.

Now I just wanted her cunt, so I stopped her and stood up. I lift her onto the couch and remove the skirt. Her panties were wet, just as I expected and I pull them away. I add two fingers to her cunt and hear her moaning. She needed more lubrication and I was rough with her. I lick those two fingers and add them to the cunt again. I rub and touch her pussy walls, easing her and generating pussy liquid. Then I just push into her vagina with my cock in one thrust.

I pull out and start banging her. I keep a pace, fucking and thrusting. It was slow but not gentle, I was taking out all my frustration. I really banged my girlfriend hard. The couch was creaking and moving, as Janey moaned and took my cock. I slapped her ass again and again as she cried in pleasure. I knew I was close and I didn’t like climaxing without her. So, I pinched her clit and she shot off. Her vagina was spasming and she was squeezing me. “Ahhh!Ahhhh!Ahhh!” I came, spurting my cum inside her vagina. I slumped over her and just lay there for a while.

But my mind was with Rosie and I was already planning on how I would fuck her the next time. That I couldn’t cum during the cam sex but I banged my girlfriend hard which made it up for it.

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