Pleasuring my virgin stepsister at night

I was 21 when I met Jo – Josephine actually, but she preferred Jo. She was all of 18 and a very spunky girl. She was Fran’s daughter. Fran – my father’s wife. I hadn’t seen her before although Fran and Dad were married for more than four years. Maybe because I was at university and hadn’t come home in a while. But this summer, I saw her. She was a tiny brunette who was interested in astronomy. What I didn’t know was that she was untouched and I discovered about my virgin stepsister soon.

We had spent two weeks talking about astronomy and most nights she would show me the stars and the galaxy with her telescope. But one night it went far. We were just stargazing as usual. I was attracted to this little nerd. Never had I seen such a girl so passionate. She didn’t care about her looks or figure and I was undeniably attracted. This was Night 1.

Night 1

That night I noticed the freckles on her nose and went really close. At that moment she turned around and our lips brushed. She moved back an inch, but I didn’t and kept looking at her. She tentatively moved closer and this time I kissed her lips. It was just a wet kiss on her lips. Her tongue peeked out and she licked her lips post that. So, I kissed her again and this time she held my face and began making out. Her tongue thrust into my mouth and she licked and kissed me. I sucked her tongue, not wanting to leave her mouth. I wanted more of her and just kissing wasn’t cutting it.

It had been a while since I had physical relations and all these days, I was using the sex cam model to get release.But today, it was like my inner animal had had enough. It wanted to leap, growl and eat. Jo was a little breathless when I left her mouth. I pushed her back on the mat on the floor and made her lie down. I didn’t know her experience so I said “Let me make you feel good.” I placed kisses on her chest and belly, as my virgin stepsister quivered.

She was wearing cotton shorts which I pulled down. There was a scarp of lace in terms of panties that I just removed and threw away. I pushed her legs apart, exposing her folds. They were swollen and not loose like some others I had seen. I licked her vertical lips and kissed her like I would her actual lips. “Ooof,” she went and jumped. “Relax,” I whispered as I pressed down her belly, making her lie down again. I then parted her folds and saw her clit. I gently blew on it and then began licking her. Her clit was rubbed by my tongue as I licked her up and down for a good while. Then, I sucked on that jewel and heard her moaning. She was so excited that I saw liquid come out of her channel.

She seemed to stop me now, but I reassured her and put one finger inside her pussy. She was tight, very tight. I slowly started rubbing her, drawing more liquid as I waited for her to relax. When she did, I added a second finger but she cried, so I stopped. I left the fingers in her pussy and just kissed her clit and rubbed her there with my other hand. She appeared to cum, when she thrashed around and some more liquid appeared. Then I pushed in the two fingers again and started caressing her channel. She wanted to close her legs, but I wasn’t having it. So, I massaged her more and as I was getting a bit rough, I felt her barrier. Immediately I withdrew and gave her a questioning look. Her eyes looked down and she said, “I am a virgin.”

Night 2

After that revelation, I had kissed her and wished her a goodnight. But I couldn’t get her pussy out of my mind, so, on the next night, I went into her room. She was reading and the house was quiet. She was startled when the door opened but she relaxed when she saw me. She smiled and beckoned me and I knew what she wanted. She threw off her cover as I lay down on her bed and she totally started kissing me this time. She was bolder, with her tongue caressing mine. Her desperate moans and grabby hands made me sure that she wanted it and so did I. But I had to be careful. She had pushed her hand inside my shirt and she was quite freely feeling me up. I took her hand and placed it on my burgeoning cock. She appeared interested as my cock moved at her touch.She pressed it and tried to massage me. I just pulled down my shorts, exposing myself when she just went for it. She began playing with it. She was placing kisses on the cockhead and rubbing the length. Sometimes it would pull painfully because of zero lubrication but overall,my virgin stepsister was excited.

Then we heard footsteps and she quickly moved to the side of the bed and sat with her back to the door. I was on the ground and behind her covers and bedsheets, I was literally invisible if you saw through the door. I used the opportunity to quickly remove her panties and right then Fran peeped in from the door. Jo told her that she was reading something and Fran said goodnight, leaving us. I had begun licking her folds even before Fran left and she was literally squirming.

But now that Fran was gone, I grabbed her round her ass and brought her closer to my mouth. I licked my virgin stepsister folds and then her clit. I continuously moved my tongue over her nub, pleasuring her. I had locked the door just in case she screamed. But she bit her hand as I was finger fucking her again and drawing juices from her pussy. I put her back on the bed and this time I removed her top too. Her tight boobs had large nipples and I wanted to bite them. That would come later. I sucked on her boobies as I played with her. I curved my fingers and made a come hither action inside her pussy and she squirted. Man!That was so hot. After that she was limp so I kissed her head and left.

Night 3

On the third night, again, I couldn’t stay away from that juicy pussy. I wanted it. And this time, I made sure that our parents weren’t around to disturb us. I called in favours and sent them away for a Friday night party. Once they left, I ran up to Jo’s room and just barged in. She was obviously changing her clothes as she was partially dressed. She was topless and just had a silky bottom on.

I couldn’t wait anymore. I simply fell at her feet and began licking her breasts. She was surprised but not offended and she held my head close as I went wild licking her breasts. I sucked on her left nipple and I could feel her squirm. I sucked and then nibbled it, sucking it harder eventually. I was also pressing and massaging her right boob, plumping and pressing them.

I pushed her back on the bed and she lay down with her legs spread apart. I knelt and kissed her clit. I started licking my virgin stepsister up and down again, moving my face and my tongue. I brought my lips together and pressed her clit, after which I sucked it. Her pussy hole was moving so I decided to add a finger and massage her there. This time it was easier as she leaked a bit. I added two fingers, rubbing her, touching her ridged walls. I had stopped licking her clit, but my tongue was still out and I was focusing on rubbing her pussy. So, she began moving her hips so her clit could feel the pressure.

I stopped licking her and used both hands to pleasure her. With one hand I was fucking her pussy and with the other, I rubbed her clit really hard. My virgin stepsister screamed and a gush of liquid left her pussy. I didn’t wait, immediately covered myself in a condom, stood up and penetrated her pussy. It was tight, but I made my way inside. I stood still for a bit, allowing her to adjust to my cock. And then I started thrusting in her pussy. It was like a tight glove, holding and squeezing me. I wanted this to last so I slowed down and pulled out.

We both get on the bed and I spooned her. I lifted her left leg, putting it over my hip and exposing her pussy. Then I penetrated her pussy, fucking her as I hold her body close. Her face turned back to watch me as my cock fucked her and I kissed her lips. I also fondled her breasts from this position and squeezed them. This was not fucking really. It was slow and sensual and I was actually enjoying it. I had got pussy after so long and my cock was just loving it. I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm so I started plucking on her clit, trying to get her to cum. She did and her pussy went crazy squeezing my cock. I came holding her close, lying down and cuddling. This had also happened for the first time.

The summer with Jo was exciting. I would sneak into her room almost every night to pleasure her, finger her, suck her and fuck her. I got addicted to her pussy and I had pleasurable nights with my virgin stepsister. Now, I am headed back to university, but I can’t get her out of my head. I hope she joins my university so we can continue what we started.

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