Losing virginity with my childhood friend -Part 1

Jacob and I had known each other since kindergarten. On the first day of school, he had pushed me to the ground and then run away from the scene. I had in turn called him a “snotty” because his nose was snot-covered that day. Yeah, that was how much we loved each other. Haha! Kidding. Our beginnings were rough and we often fought, but we also became friends. But these days, I felt weird when he was around and losing virginity was my wish.

We were about to graduate high school and my body reacted so weirdly when he would be around, in close quarters. Although we still fought, it was playful. Then one day we were fighting again and I kicked him on his legs. He pushed me against the wall and came really close. I could feel the attraction then, I had found a word for my real feelings. And then I also felt something hard against my tummy and I knew what it was.

I was feeling angry that he got a boner with me and I wanted to fight with him again. So, I snuck into his house and to his room, through a common tree in between our houses. He had just showered I guess, when I fell in through his open window. I gulped when I saw him half naked, in a towel, wet. You get the drift. In my anger, I had just stormed off in my nightclothes which meant – no bra. And I watched as his eyes dipped down towards my chest. I was mortified and at the same time, I was horny. I had not slept with any guy to date, because I thought they were users and idiots. But with Jacob, it was different.

“Do you want to see?” he asked. “What?” I replied. “I mean, do you want to fight again?” he questioned. “Yes!” I stomped toward him and tried to push him back, but instead, I slipped and crashed into him. My bare breasts, barely covered by a thin shirt rubbed against his hard chest and he seemed to just hold me there, feeling me. I pulled back and tried to punch him, but he blocked it with ease. “Woah! Calm down woman,” he said getting away from me. “No! No! How dare you get a boner while touching me?” I asked him, no filter.

“So, you want me to take permission?” he smiled sarcastically. “No! stop it!” I retorted. He walked calmly towards me. “Ok, how about you tell it to stop? Because it doesn’t listen to me. Wanna try?’” he said. I was beyond shocked and watched him open-mouthed as he came close and caressed my cheek. “You…you…you….fight me,” I stuttered. “Why? Why do you want to fight? I want to do something else,” he said. His nose was skimming my jaw and I just couldn’t help myself but feel his naked arms. My palms were touching him as he stood really close.

“Yes, just like that Emmy, touch me,” he whispered close to my mouth. I try to draw back because…because I have never touched him this way. “But I want you to touch me this way,” he says aloud. Arrgghhh, my thoughts actually came out of my mouth. He is close, I gulp and try to look down, away from his face, but what I see is his low towel and again that boner. He lifts my face up and I see his piercing eyes. His face comes close, our breaths mingle and yet he doesn’t kiss my lips. It’s like he is waiting and I am a coward, so I don’t give him an answer. I had imagined losing virginity with him though.

Instead, he just kisses my head, my nose, my cheeks, my jawline and my neck. This is making my knees jelly and they start shaking. I am about to fall when he holds me and picks me up. He lays me down on his bed and I am terrified. He smiles, bopping my nose, “I am not doing anything you don’t want.” And he walks away. When did his ass get this tight and muscular? He puts on clothes as I watch him and secretly, I want to see his dick. But he has changed this way, too many times and I don’t get a glimpse.

He comes up and asks me to scoot. I try to get up and get home but he holds me close and kisses my forehead again. I am in his warm embrace and I feel good? I cuddle with him a bit and there it is again, his boner. “Your dick is too excited,” I tell him. He smiles again and says, “Yeah, it wants your touch.” I chew my lips and think if I want to see it. After all, it’s Jacob – snotty from kindergarten. Even if I don’t know what I am doing, he won’t make fun of me. “Shall I touch?” I blurt.

He looks relieved and pulls down his shorts to give me a view. My oh my, what an impressive cock he has. It is beautiful. Long, good girth and standing totally upright. My head is on his chest as I see his dick and I gently touch the top. Jacob hisses and I stop. “Did I hurt you?” I ask him. He shakes his head and gives me an encouraging smile, “I just want…more.” He takes my hand and puts it over his length, guiding me on how to touch him. I feel the skin there and see how it gets pulled back. I slowly rub the length and watch his face. His eyes are closed like he is enjoying it. His breathing is hard. My hands move further down on their own and I feel his balls. “Unnnhhh,” I hear him as I press those too.

His arms tighten around me, my boobs squished on his chest. “How can I make you feel better?” I ask him. “Take off your top Emmy,” he tells me. I don’t know what gets over me and I do. He watches and then just holds me close to his chest. My nipples have perked up and I keep pressing his balls. He touches his cock and just looks at my face while masturbating. I look down and see the cock being pressed and massaged. I move away from his chest and decide to just try licking the cockhead. So, I pull the skin down and just lick the top. The skin texture is different here and I feel him jerk.

I lick that top again, and again, having heard somewhere that guys like it when their dicks are sucked. So, I gather all my enthusiasm and suck the top hard. Jacob pulls me and stops me. “Not that hard Em, gently.” I begin sucking gently and lick him a few times. But now I am tired, my mouth hurts. “Thanks for that. I haven’t even kissed you Em,” Jacob says and places a soft kiss on my lips. But I want to kiss him, so, I do. I grab his face and start kissing his lips. He responds enthusiastically and soon our tongues are meeting. His tongue is in my mouth, mine is in his, it’s a whirl of passion and I absolutely love making out like this. But, we both are virgin at the moment.

His naked cock rubs against my panties and I feel shocks running through my body. “Can I…can I touch your breasts Emmy?” he asks. I nod in agreement and he first gently caresses them, then takes one in each hand pressing and playing with them. He kisses them all over and then follows with soft licks. We roll over and I am above him. My breasts hang in front of his face and he smiles joyously. He takes one and licks the nipple. My eyes close in pleasure as he starts sucking on them, alternatively. I begin to move over his cock. Although I am wearing panties, I can still feel his cock and I rub on it, trying to get pleasure.

I kiss him again and we roll over again. He shoves his face in my chest and I see he is touching himself. I watch him do that and I ask, “Will you fuck me?” He stops and shiver and I see a few drops of cum. “No Emmy, it won’t be fucking, it will be more than that.” He just hugs me and we cuddle. That was the first night we just slept in the same bed. But I didn’t know that there was more to come soon including losing virginity.

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