From break up to first memorable sex

This wasn’t supposed to happen because it wasn’t planned at all. It was supposed to be a sad beginning for the newest year. But it was exactly the opposite of how we planned and I can’t believe I am not a virgin now. It had been a few years since I and Kevin has been dating. We met in the college and since then we have been in a relationship. For the past few months, we weren’t clicking well together. Constant quarrels with patch-ups and break-ups. I was going to break it off with him the next time we met which would be a day before the new year. Destiny had different plans and we ended up having our first memorable sex.

So, he picked me up and we went to a hotel which we had booked for a day. I had already planned all the reasons that I had to tell him before I announce the separation. There will be no second chances, these were the sentences I kept repeating in my head the entire drive. When we reached the room we sat next to each other and cuddled. He asked me if he could put on a movie and I ordered food. Everything was going on so well nothing like before when he used to jump at me with questions and try to get into a fight.

We cuddled the entire time when it was almost evening he asked me something I wasn’t expecting at all. He asked me if I had any plans that evening and when I said no he was happy and offered to give me a treat for the beginning of the year. He had made reservations, something new from his side for me. I took a quick shower and got dressed into a mini skirt and a tube top of the same color. The restaurant was amazing, the food, the wine, everything was classy and he looked super sexy. I had never doubted my taste but it had become more about his personality than looks now. After we had had a lavish dinner, he asked me if it was okay to go to a pub and return to the hotel late.

I was more than fine with it because, who wouldn’t want to celebrate any occasion at a pub. We met a few mutual friends of ours. By then I knew nothing was going as I had planned so I let go of the hope of trying to be sad. We ordered beers and drinks. The music was good and the DJ kept reminding us of the hours that were left to announce the year. I rocked my hips to the beats and Kevin came to join me. I felt good, the entire group was on the dance floor, we were high and sweaty yet we matched the steps.

Kevin placed his hands on either side of my hips and pulled me to dance with him. I swayed my hips touching his entire torso with my ass. I could feel him getting hard. I locked my arms around his neck and he groped me from the back. We made many lusty eye contacts. We jumped to the last song still in each other’s arms and my boobs kept hitting his body. I could see his lusty eyes. That night after we were done boozing we booked ourselves a cab and reached the hotel.

The time we spent on that lift had almost killed me. Once we got into our room, I threw my bag on the bed and looked at him, begging him through my eyes to make the first move. We moved towards each other and I got on my toes. I reached for his lips, I sucked on his lower lips and he bit my upper ones. I winced and moaned as he continued to bite tease me. He made me sit on the bed while we continued kissing. He touched my boobs from above the dress and I could feel my nipples getting hard. He tugged at the rims of my top and pulled it off. He started kissing my neck softly and reached my right nipple. He kissed and bit my nipple sucking the life out of them. I was loving it, I let out a few soft moans. Until here it was normal and we had done this before as well but what happened next was a surprise, our first memorable sex.

He removed my skirt and rubbed my pussy from outside. My juices had already begun flowing. He got fully naked and placed his dick on top of my pussy and rubbed it. He told me about how wet I was for him and removed my panties. That was the first time I was completely naked in front of him and I wanted more to make our first memorable sex special.  He bent over and started kissing my pussy folds. I winced when he inserted a finger inside my pussy but he gradually started thrusting in and out. I was moaning loudly with the pleasure I was getting in our first memorable sex.

He rubbed my pussy and was fingering me continuously. At one point in time I felt like I was in heaven and the next minute I was gushing out like crazy. He pulled out lube and a condom. He also applied some lube to my vagina. Then he pushed his penis slowly inside my pussy. It was my first sex and for him too. I winced and pushed him back as he tried to push in further. With another jerk, he was completely inside my vagina and it was a bit painful. He moved back and forth and started giving a few slow strokes and then fast ones. By then my pain had turned into pleasure. Now he was giving hard thrusts and I was moaning like hell. He kissed me while he kept fucking me.

There came a time when he slowed down and I begged him to go faster and do it the same way. I was screaming and moaning, calling out his name. We conversed about how badly we wanted each other. He then stopped and moaned and shivered. He had just came and I got my second orgasm. I could see satisfaction in his eyes. He slowly slept next to me. We then kissed for a very long time. He asked me if I felt any pain and I said no. I see a few drops of blood in the bedsheet. Not breaking up as planned was one thing but the first memorable sex was a real charm that kept us bonded.

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