Sex Wish List

Ever have a fantasy and haven’t told anyone about it? Or you have something very kinky in mind but couldn’t possibly express it in front of others? Here is your chance to share your sex wish. Let us know your deepest darkest desires, share it with the world. Whether it be a scandalous wish for kinky sex or an erotic act that you want to experience, let us know. Who knows, you or other readers may get ideas from it. Our sex wish list is here to help you in finding sexually pleasing ideas or sharing an exotic one with us. Use them in your honey list or as a base for intimate ideas, our goal is to understand your desires while providing a platform for your fantasies. Who knows, someone might admire your sex wish? Try it!

Recent Sex Wish List

  1. Location: Cosham
    Age: 40
    Gender: Female
    I dream about many men the same time, older than 80 to take out their teeth and lick,bite my pussy until I cum in their mouths..

  2. Location: USA
    Gender: Female
    As a fair-skinned, mature Jewish woman, married to a Jewish man, I would love to be totally dominated by a strong-willed, dark Arab-Muslim man, and ordered to fulfill his every sexually related desire, no matter how perverse, degrading, humiliating or embarrassing, including being shared with his friends and acquaintances of a similar heritage.

  3. Location: Phoenix, AZ
    Age: 50
    Gender: Femaleg
    I would love for a man or a couple to make me their absolute, owned, sex slave. To be kept in bondage most of the time, with my tits tightly bound and my nippers clipped and be used by anyone. To be fucked till I’m almost come and then stop till I calm down and have my cunt and asshole teased and tormented for hours and being punished with a riding crop or a cat o nine if I come without permission.

  4. Location: Northeast Florida
    Age: 71
    Gender: Male
    To have a woman who is okay with being naked most of the time. To be able to caress her, suckle her breast, lick her pussy, love ass play and anal. Loves to be touched all over even when in public and loves to touch. Loves PDA’s always. And, of course, wants sex as much as I do.

  5. Location: Missouri
    Age: 50
    Gender: Female
    The thought of a naughty horny shaved pussy that is so horny she will do anything with my husband and I. No holds barred pussy play and love every second.

  6. Location: Arizona
    Age: 92
    Gender: Male
    My wish is I would like to have a lady come to my home
    a couple of times a month and give e a blow job

  7. Location: portugal
    Age: 70
    Gender: male
    womem mail me oxala52@live .com
    I love to please your fantasies. lets talk that I love a horny woman.
    I am discreet if you wang it secret

  8. Location: Riverside California
    Age: 46
    Gender: Male
    I would love to meet a bisexual couple to have fun with. I want them to take turns using my mouth and my ass for pleasure and they let me use theirs as well!

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