One night stand with a College Mate

Hi. My name is Julia. I am 33 years old housewife writing my hookup experience about the one night stand with a College Mate. My husband has to go out for many days for work purposes. He doesn’t understand my needs, work is all he has. If I have to rate him at romanticism I’ll give him -13. 13 because it’s unlucky and yes, I hate him that much. So I just do whatever I like when he’s not around. I go out at late night parties with my girlfriends, get drunk and come back home in the mornings. I was living my life like this when one of my college friends, Lucas called me one night. Said he’s in town and want to meet. My mind flooded with some devilish thoughts. I invited him to dinner as my husband was out of town for the whole week.

I wore a tight black tube dress with deep neck. This was my sluttiest dress ever. But I did have to blow his mind away. I didn’t wear a bra, but thought a thong is a must have when trying to turn someone on. I chose the black coloured, lacy one. I was almost done with my makeup when I heard the calling bell. Opened the door and instead of blowing his mind away I realised he made my jaw drop. He was nothing like I saw him the last time. He was now this handsome, masculine hotty whom I would love to get on top of. He brought me flowers and a champagne bottle which made me aww. He was still the gentleman he used to be in college. I invited him into the house, asked him to wait in the living room and went to the kitchen to bring glasses.

We were talking real nice. We had dinner. I was continuously giving him the hints by touching his arms, his thigh. But he didn’t seem to understand. He gave a suspicious smile though, every time. I gave up all hope to get lucky that night, but he brought it all back asking me if he could stay that night as he was new in town that day and had nowhere to stay. I agreed.

I offered him to show the whole house. While we were on the bedroom I asked him, “How many times would I have to touch your hand so that you can make a move?”. He smiled, came closer, hold my chin and said, “You didn’t change a bit”, then placed his lips on mine. Hold my hair, pulled to one side in order to make an arc and his lips bit on my neck. His hands then brushed down to my hips, then stopped at my inner thigh. He pulled up the dress, trying to make space his middle finger then slides into my wet pussy.

He kept caressing my pussy while I take his shirt off, pulled down his jeans and touched his crotch to feel the hot, hard dick poking through his boxer. I pulled it out through the small space of the pouch of his undies, and kept giving small strokes. I sat on my knees and took a little portion in my mouth, still stroking the base of it. He was breathing heavily. My concentration went on the way he was breathing and it made me speed up the pace. I then began to take the whole length, hitting right down my throat.

I gagged, still I went on. He then told me to get on the bed. I did so. I stretched my pussy a bit more, keeping my legs on his shoulder either side he rubbed his dick against the clit and pushed it in. I could feel his thick, big cock against my flesh and each stroke was sending me to seventh heaven. Each stroke got harder and made me moan out even louder. I scratched all over his back. His hot sweaty body against my skin was something else. Every inch of his body smelled like sex. His hands pinned mine to the bed and he got wilder by seconds. He came near to my ear so I could feel his hot breath and that was it. I cummed like hell. I didn’t knew an one night stand with a college mate would bring me all sexual pleasure of life.

He wasn’t done yet, said he wants me from behind. I bent over and stretched my butthole for him. He jerked, spit on his dick and pushed it in. It was the first time I was experiencing anal. He started off very slow. The pain was so pleasurable and I could hear him moan for the first time now. Suddenly I could hear him taking fast breaths and saying “I’m gonna cum…”. He cummed into my asshole. He pulled his dick out with hot, thick, heavy cum dripping from my ass.

He stayed that night and we fucked each other the whole night. It was a memorable one night stand with a college mate and I can never forget how hot it was.

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