Had Sex with Daughter’s Beautiful Friend

I am writing a strange confession through this website. Although, I do not regret it but, some people might find it weird. I am Stuart and I am 50 years old. I have a daughter who lives in the countryside as she loves organic farming. She had recently shifted and so, I decided to go visit her.

I went one weekend and gave her a surprise. She was not expecting me and so, she had called one of her friends Laura to spend the weekend. Laura was a very charming woman. She was 5 inches tall and had a fair complexion with blue eyes. She had a little fleshy body with long hair and stunning boobs. She also had a flat tummy with round ass. I could not help but notice her.

I liked her a lot. I was getting all horny suddenly. All I wanted was to fuck Laura. I broke the ice and started a normal conversation with her. In the beginning, she was a little apprehensive but, later she started talking. That evening Laura, my daughter and I cooked dinner together. We ate and drank some wine. Then, my daughter went to bed.

I stayed up at spoke to Laura. She told me that she had a bad breakup and she doesn’t think she is beautiful. I supported her and told her that she is very charming. I was taking it slow because I did not know if she is interested. However, she was drunk and then, she suddenly leaned on me. I took that as a signal and caressed her hair. She told me that even I was very charming at this age. Still I did not thought I would end up having Sex with Daughter’s Beautiful Friend.

Then, I took a step further and placed my hand on her shoulder. She was looking me in the eye and I just asked her if I could kiss her. There was a long pause and then she agreed. I did not waste any time and started kissing her. She gave a soft moan. I started kissing her wildly and even she was returning the kiss with passion. I explored her lips with my tongue. Then, I started sucking her lips and she was sucking mine. I put my hands around her waist and pulled her towards my chest. I felt her boobs and her tits.

I slowly put my hand in her top and grabbed one of her boobs. They were firm and tight. I rubbed the boobs one by one. I slowly grabbed the top and removed it. Then, I removed her bra. Then, I moved my hands on her boobs and licked her nipples. She blushed. I started massaging her boobs and my other hand slowly went inside her pants.

I grabbed the pussy and then started pressing it. She moaned with pleasure. Then I inserted one finger in it. She just groaned. After a while, I inserted one more finger and started exploring her vagina. She was completely in the zone and enjoying it as well. Later, I put three fingers and started taking them in and out. She screamed with pleasure. Also, she was wet by now.

I asked her to remove her pants and let me have a look at her pussy. She was a little shy but, then I said there was no need. She removed her pants and panty. I was already feeling hard. I wasted no time and removed my pants before she changes her mind. I pulled her legs apart and inserted my hard dick in her pussy. She wrapped her hands around me. I started thumping slowly and increased the speed gradually. I was going wild and then, she asked me to decrease the speed. However, I did not until I came. I kept fucking hard and she kept moaning badly.

After that, I again grabbed her face and sucked her lips while kissing. She said that she had a great time. However, I told her not to tell my daughter about this whole episode. The memories of Sex with Daughter’s Beautiful Friend will always remain with me but I feel awkward too.

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