Sharing my juicy maid with my best friend

I had a maid working for me for a year now and often I had caught her masturbating. She didn’t know yet, but when she thought I was away, I would secretly watch her as she cleaned my bedroom. And one day when I caught her masturbating on my bed, I gave her a good pounding – in her pussy with my cock. Now she would sometimes shamelessly walk around only in an apron, showing me her cunt. So, one day I brought James, my friend, over to watch my juicy maid.

She saw him come in but didn’t rush to get her dress on. She walked away lazily. But we had other plans for her, so we followed her to the kitchen. We knocked on the door of her room and saw that she had put on her dress, earlier she was in lingerie. She let us in, but was acting as if nothing had happened. “Do you want to show my friend here some more of your sexy body?” I asked her. “Suck my pussy,” she responded giving me attitude. She was spunky and totally uninhibited and sometimes she was just asking for it. “Are you asking for it, Cherie? I am going to give it to you now. In fact, my friend here is going to give it to you too.”

I watch her sit down on a chair and spread her legs, I can see her panties. “Want to show more to James?” I ask her. I hold her shoulders and hands behind the chair and she starts squirming. She doesn’t ask me to stop, but just makes it difficult for us. I open her front buttons and expose her breasts for James to see. She isn’t wearing a bra, and we can see her bulbous domes. I take one in my hand and press it, showing James her boobies.

James takes her breasts in his hand and plays with them. Now Cherie is holding her hands back on her own and James and me take turns to play with her boobs. They are soft and smooth and I just want to keep playing with them. I press and release and watch her face as she expresses pleasure.  James takes a nipple in his mouth, sucking on it and nibbling on it too. He tries to take the full breasts in his mouth, but they are so huge that he can’t. Instead, he tries to press the boob and still suck on it. She is a perfect juicy maid with full breasts.

Then I lift her up and take her to the couch and sit next to her. I pull up her skirt and feel her wetness on my fingers. Her legs are close together and I feel around with my fingers for her clit. The naughty nymph brings her legs closer, trapping my hand. I push apart her legs and show James her pussy. He laughs and fingers her clit. His fingers move around her clit and then press on the clit. She starts moaning as he plucks on the clitoris and I watch her pussy leak. He pinches and massages the clit as it engorges. As he goes on, I push in two fingers and feel her pussy contract around me.

Her moans fill up the room as James then bends down to suck on her clit. I see him sucking and licking her clitoris and my cock hardens. I want to fuck Cherie again. My hands begin moving fast inside her pussy, I feel her channel and the g-spot. I rub her ridged walls and play with her pussy. Then we both watch as she cums. Her channel leaks and the liquid comes gushing out.

I can take it no more, and start rubbing my cock. I wanted James to have some fun so I will let him have her cunt, but I am going to take her ass for sure. We pull her down from the couch and put her on her knees and hands. I circle her anal hole and watch as James tries to add four fingers to her cunt. She just came so she is quite wet and the pussy takes in his whole hand. I am sure she is stretched. She is moaning loudly now and thankfully there are no other servants in the house. We can do as we please. His hand moves in and out of her cunt and I decide to play with her clit. Her clit looks swollen already, but I want to play with it. I pinch it and squeeze it, massaging it. Cherie screams and without warning, my juicy maid squirts. James and my hands are covered in her cum.

I feel good knowing that we pleasured her, but we need our pleasure too. So, we both undress and sheath our cocks. James lies on the couch and I put Cherie on top of him. He penetrates her pussy as she is on her fours over him. He begins moving in and out of her pussy. I hold her belly keeping her up, so I can push into her ass. I add some lube to her asshole, but don’t warn her. I just push in my cock and she screams again. I still, letting her ass get used to my cock. James continues to fuck her pussy. I touch her clit and massage it, hoping that she relaxes.

Then I feel her moving, my cock rubbing her asshole in the process. I get the hint and start fucking her ass too. She is being pounded by two men and I know she feels good. Her head is pulled back and her moans are a testimony to what she likes. I hold on to her boobs and play with the nipples as I steadily fuck her ass. James begins moving faster so I know that he may be closer to his orgasm. “Press his balls,” I whisper in Cherie’s ears and she does. When this happens, James’ face contorts and I know he has cum. “I am going to make you cum again,” I tell Cherie and start playing with her clit. I am massaging her boobs too and, in a while, as I fuck her ass, she cums.

She collapses over James, while I am still the one who hasn’t cum yet. I fuck her asshole, taking my time and then find my slow, sweet release. I cum, feeling like I am in seventh heaven. This fuck was like a slow burn and I came doubly hard.

After that session, we went about business as usual. But man, that was hot. Sharing Cherie, my juicy maid with another man made me excited and horny. The experience was all the more pleasurable for that. I would like to explore more kinky sex with my juicy maid and I will share them with you guys.

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