No Underwear in My Boss’s House while I work

I had strict instructions from Darren. No underwear in this house. I had started as his housekeeper but now I was his sex slave. I was only allowed a thin negligee and I was to be bare for him at all times. I quite loved that role and every time he was around in the house I felt so horny and hot for him. I did my best to get him to fuck his slave.

As I clean the table in my thin dress I remember the time when I thought he was at work. So I was just leaning on the table and looking through a few magazines when I felt a wet tongue over my panties. Shocked, I jerked and his strong hands held me where I was. “What did I tell you about underwear Jenna?” he asked before he completely ripped the panty away from my body. “I will punish you for that later,” he said before he went to town licking my pussy. He licked and sucked my clit until I was pushing back my ass into his face for more. He fingered my pussy and made me come twice before fucking me raw with his hard cock.

Even now that memory makes me so horny and my throat dry. Today I am cleaning his bedroom and just like he requested I am bare under my thin dress. I hear his car and I know he is home. I smile as I know he will come looking for me. I am wiping his dresser down when I feel my dress move up. No underwear. I turn back and look at him and his cock is already out. His fingers begin probing my pussy and I feel him rubbing me. He is looking for my g-spot and I know he will find it soon enough. Within seconds he finds it and I shiver as I lay upon the dresser. “Ahh! Ahh!” I moan and come on his fingers. He plunges into my hot pussy and I receive his whole length in one go.

He begins to fuck me hard, like he is insatiable. His cock is doing wonderful things to me, fucking me hard, like I am his slave. He pulls out and turns me around to put me on my knees. And then he shoots his cum all my face and chest. Panting, he smirks and flicks my nipple through my dress. “Good girl,” he says and lifts me up. “Now go heat my dinner and set the table,” he commands. I smile and go my way.

The table is set and I am wearing only an apron, nothing else. I want to tease him but more importantly, I want him to do me again. He enters the room and looks at me and I see his dick grow hard again. I grin. He makes his way to the table and he starts eating. “Is it good?” I ask. “Yes. Very good. But I want to eat something else as well,” he says as he finishes the last bite. “What is that?” I ask innocently. “This!” he says and pulls my apron down. My tits are on full display and my nipples are pointing to him. He licks one nipple and presses on the other. Then he proceeds to bite and suck on both of them alternatively. Pleasure shoots through my body as he kisses and rubs his face all over my tits.

As he rubs his stubble over my nipple making me moan, his fingers push deep into my cunt. I am hungry for him again and I am dripping wet. “Gosh Jenna. Insatiable are you?” he says and I whimper. My hips are moving of their own will as he finger fucks me. Then I am on his lap. His cock is out and he impales me with from behind. He gets up and puts one of my legs on the chair and begins to fuck my tight pussy from behind. He is thrusting hard, making my boobs jiggle. His hand comes down in a smack and I moan loudly. As we come to orgasm, we both sit on the chair, his cock still under me. He plays with my nipples and holds me close while he kisses my neck. Then I feel his cock get hard again and I know we will be fucking again. I like being fucked by him, like I am his to do as he pleases. No underwear rule at his house continues.

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