Mutual attraction with my master Led to Sex

I had been working for Perez for a year and had seen his roving eyes watch me. I knew what he thought of me and wanted me to sleep with him. But I hadn’t given him that opportunity yet. As a result I did get secret gifts and requests to give in to him. The truth was, I was attracted to him and was just about to give in. That mutual attraction with my master would lead to a blasting sex, I didn’t know.

That day I was dusting and he was sitting on the couch working. To give him the go ahead signals I bent down to see his laptop. His hand was on the edge of the couch, such that my breasts were touching it. The minute he felt it he stiffened. But he didn’t move. I began to move, rubbing my breasts against him. I brushed the duster on his chest and then his pant covered cock. As soon as I did that, I could see his cock bulging and growing in his pants.

I stopped dusting around him and went to the kitchen to prepare for lunch. As I was arranging things on the counter, I felt him behind me. He pressed his front to my back and his cock almost did a jump near my ass. His hands caressed my butt and then he lifted my skirt. His rough hands cupped my buttcheeks and he squeezed them. I felt aroused by his touch, his smell making me horny.

His one arm snakes in front and pops open my buttons.  “Pull out your breasts,” he whispers in my ear as I abandon my tasks and do what he says. I pull my cups down and expose my breasts to the cool air. The nipples instantly pebble and his hand caresses my left breast. I lean back into him, enjoying his touch. He tweaks my nipple and plays with it as he grinds his cock against me.

His hand then snakes down and he finds my wet center. He pushes the cloth aside and rubs between my folds. I feel his fingers move over my clit and I shiver. I take his hands and put them on both my breasts. We knead them together and he dry humps me. Finally he turns me around and I kiss him. Our mouths crash and its hot and rough. We don’t care to think, but just feel. His short beard rubs against my chin and cheeks, but I don’t care. I want him bad.

His hands are aggressive on my chest now and I feel a little pain. But then he kneels down and rips my panties apart. His tongue enters my vagina and he licks me there. He spears my opening. His hands still rub my nipples and he sucks my clitoris. He nips, bites and sucks my engorged clit and I shake as my first orgasm hits me.

He stands up and pulls out his cock. It is huge and has an angry purple head. He sheaths himself and pushes his cock inside me. His long and slow strokes reach the deepest parts of me. He is stretching me wonderfully and I feel full. Then I turn around and offer him my ass which he dutifully slaps. His erect cock goes inside my vagina again. This time he is rougher so I hold on to the kitchen counter as he begins pounding. I can hear the slap slap of his cock against me. My breasts feel heavy and the cold kitchen counter is giving me the chills.  His pace becomes harder and faster.

Then he pinches my clit and I burst into fireworks. I hear him moan and grunt as he releases his semen into me. That was the first time we did it, but it wasn’t the last! Mutual attraction with my master gave me a lifetime experience towards sex and I love it.

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