Sleeping With the Waitress I Met at the Gay Bar

I was meeting a group of guy friends at a bar. It was a renowned gay bar where drag shows were held on Tuesdays. So I went there, a woman. I was bisexual and enjoyed dallying with both sexes. I was enjoying the show, singing along when I went to get a drink at the bar. Max was serving drinks and the first thing I noticed about her was that she had heavy eye jewellery. Piercings and heavy makeup made her eyes pop even more. I didn’t know I would end up sleeping with the Waitress I met there.

I chatted with her and waited around till the bar was operational. In that time I danced with the patrons and cheered the drag queens. I was quite drunk by the time it was 4 am – the time the bar closed. I was waiting for Max and she appeared soon after. “Want to go home with me?” I blatantly asked. She smiled. “Okay. Where do you live?” I was so drunk I couldn’t recall my address. “Can we go to yours instead?” I asked her and she laughed and agreed.

We entered her apartment and I admired the way she had decorated it. A tiny breakfast nook in the kitchen and curtains separating the bedroom from the living room.  I walk into her bedroom and see her changing into pyjamas. I start stripping too and get into the shower to clear off the alcohol. I come out and see her watching television on the bed. I drop my towel and go under the covers snuggling next to her.

We watch in silence for a while and then she kisses me on my lips. The kiss goes deeper and I can feel tongue match with mine. She tugs on my hair and I enjoy the feel of it.  I touch her shoulders and feel her up her breasts. She has nipple piercings I realise. She touches my breasts and kneads them. She lies down and I push off her top. For a while I just look at her piercings. And then I just tug at it and she moans. I play with her nipples and the jewellery there, as she enjoys it.

Then I kiss her belly and go down on her. I part her folds and lick her clit. She tastes spicy and tangy. I push my fingers inside her pussy and rub her ridged walls. She squirms and holds onto my hair. I keep giving her quick licks and sucks. She stops me and goes 69. She brings out a vibrator and touches my clit with it. I jump in surprise but she laughs and touches my clit with it again.

I pleasure her with my mouth and she uses the vibrator to pleasure me.  She massages my clit with it and I know that I will cum. My pussy leaks liquid and she takes that opportunity to push the dick shaped vibrator inside my channel. I immediately clench. She starts pumping it in and out of me, mimicking sex with a man. She touches my g-spot and I know I will cum soon enough.

I start sucking on her clit hard and soon she cums around my fingers. The vibrator is going at full speed inside me and I squirt hard. We both lie on the bed, breathless. We go again in the morning before I bid her goodbye. We are good friends with benefits and catch up often. Sleeping With the Waitress made me realise I love women body more.

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