My Best Friend Became my Lover and Filled my Asshole

I was quite a skinny man at 18 and hadn’t quite filled out yet. I was not too attracted to girls, but Mom said that I would eventually. Because I didn’t care if girls looked at me or not, I never tried to get a hot body. I had a best friend, Shane with whom high school was not that hard. But one day things changed. That’s my story of how my best friend became my lover.

I saw one of the jocks kissing a guy. Not just any guy, but the baseball coach. My cock sprung up of its own accord and I sported a boner for a good 15 minutes. I had to shut myself in the bathroom stall till it went down. But I kept thinking about that kiss and it made me horny. I was at home and began to fantasize about it when Shane entered my room. I tried to cover myself but he saw it anyway.

In order to change the topic, I randomly asked him, “Have you ever kissed a guy?” and immediately I felt awkward. But Shane just laughed and said, “No, but I would be open to trying.” I was surprised but now I noticed that he was still looking at my cock. “Do you want to kiss me?” I asked him. He smiled and looked at my face and then came really close. We were standing, facing each other and he just put his mouth on mine.

First, I was surprised and then I felt good. I pushed my tongue against his lips and he opened up his mouth. The taste of mints hit my tongue and I held on to his body. His arms went around my waist, pulling me closer, tighter. Our cocks bumped against each other and he began rubbing himself against me. “I have done this before with another man,” he told me. “What…you mean this?” I asked. “Yeah, I can give you pleasure if you want to go all the way,” he told me. I wanted to feel an orgasm and I wondered how it would be, if I was feeling this good now. He also told that he is very fond of gay cams website and had great sex sessions there. So, I agreed. That was another kick how my best friend became my lover and things were changing.

He took off my clothes and his too. He pushed me on the bed my back towards him and didn’t let me move. He began touching my back and buttocks, pressing and massaging. He took my hand and put it on his naked cock. It was smooth and long and I rubbed it to draw raw moans from him. As I was rubbing him, I felt something cool against my asshole. He had spread my buttcheeks and was now rubbing the liquid around my hole. My own cock enlarged and balls distended. I knew he could see it and very soon he touched my cock. His hands were slippery and so when he was rubbing my cock, the movement was smooth. There was a slight pressure as he rubbed my cock and it only led to the increase in the size of my cock with arousal. Then he was massaging ad pressing my balls as well. He continued touching and masturbating my cock till I was very erect.

“Do you want to touch my cock?” he asked me. “Yes,” I told him. He let go of my cock and lay down next to me. His shaft was erect and pointing towards the ceiling. I wanted to touch him so I began exploring his long and thick dong. I had to use both my palms to hold his full girth. So, with both hands I started to rub his length. “Ohh yeah! Just like that Brad, just like that,” He moaned as he positioned his hips upward. “Now suck on the head a little,” he instructed. I put my mouth on his cockhead and sucked hard. “Ahh! Gently,” he coerced. I released him a bit and sucked him gently as he instructed.

I automatically was drawn to his balls so I pressed the a little as sucked him. “Yes, that’s good,” he said breathily. “Do you want to fuck me or should I fuck you?” he asked. “I wouldn’t know what to do,” I confessed. He immediately got up and moved behind me. I went on my fours exposing my asshole to him. He added a lot of lube in and around my asshole massaging the liquid with his fingers and pushing it inside my asshole. It was a foreign feeling, but after a while I felt good. “Shall I put my cock in you?” he asked. I nodded. I loved everything coming my way and my best friend became my lover eventually.

Soon I could feel some pressure around my butthole. “Relax and push back on me,” he told. I tried to relax and pushed back and quite soon he was inside. I felt some pain and pressure but he didn’t move at all. Then slowly he started pulling out and I could feel his dick moving in my ass. Then he pushed in again. In and out his cock went, his balls slapped against mine. “Feel that? I am fucking you Brad. I am fucking you,” he said and kissed my neck.

Then his pace increased and he kept ramming into me with quick moves. I wanted t touch my cock so I did that. But soon he grabbed my cock and began rubbing his hands around the girth. Imagine rubbing oil over a cock, just like that. He was slightly twisting and pressing the cock as he fucked my ass. The whole thought and pressure made me cum and I released my load into his hands. Soon he followed and filled my hole with his semen.

He didn’t withdraw his cock and that night we just slept like that, entangled, his dick in my ass, his hand on my dick. Even when we woke up, we went for round two. I know that Shane is more than my best friend now. He keeps kissing me, my lover. Destiny can never be changed and things can change momentarily. That’s how my best friend became my lover and I feel lucky.

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