Erotic massage at a men’s parlor

I was an athlete, playing on the football team at my college. Today I was training and my body felt tired and stiff. So, on a recommendation I went to a spa for a massage. This place was highly recommended by someone and I was hoping to get some help with my stiffness. But it turned into something much more interesting than that and the erotic massage helped me to relax.

I was feeling very tired and was hoping one of my girlfriends would be down for something sexy. However, I still went to the massage parlor and asked for a personal session. The lady at the reception led to a backroom and asked me to get naked. Not literally, but basically asked me to change into a teeny tiny towel. I was getting excited that a female masseur would help me out.

After laying down I heard someone enter and as I was on my tummy, I couldn’t see who. Then a strong and rough pair of hands touched my calves and massaged them a bit. “Is there a lot of stiffness here,” he asked. “Ohhh, yes that feels good,” I tell him. Then he walked forward. “I am Ryan, your masseuse and I will need you to guide me on the places where you need help.” I agreed and he starts rubbing my hard muscles and stiff joints.

He works on my back and legs. I am enjoying it and then I turn up wanting him to rub my front legs, shoulders and neck.  As he is massaging my shoulders, I see his cock tenting his pants. He is actually wearing shorts, now I observe.  He bends a little and his cock touches my face. My cock gets hard. I am a horny person but I haven’t had sex with a man. As he is rubbing my chest and belly, I reach back and try to lick his cock. He looks down and smiles. I got a hint that this is going to be an erotic massage rather than just massage for my stiffness.

He bends more while rubbing my body and I actually nibble on his dick. He grows larger and harder. And I want to suck him, his naked cock. I reach out with my hands and touch his cock. I squeeze and play with him a bit. Then he moves forward and removes the towel on my cock. He rubs and squeezes it. “Don’t you want to suck it?” I ask. “I will suck if you do,” he says. I hesitate and he steps back. I think he is leaving, but he brings out a fleshlight.

He holds my penis straight and pushes the fleshlight on it. I gasp in pleasure as my dick gets squeezed. I feel like I am fucking a pussy. But not quite. Its almost there but not quite. He pushes the device up and down and I feel some amount of relief. My body wants more so I start lifting my pelvis up and down, fucking the toy. “Ready to suck me?” he asks and then I realize that if I want him to suck me, I will have to do the same.

So, I nod. He pulls the fleshlight off and gets on the table. He is naked and his large dong is hanging on my face. He bends and takes my cock in his mouth. I suck him as well and press his balls. I am massaging his cock and balls as he sucks me hard. I jump in response and he laughs. He is sucking my cock again and again as he blows me. He is sucking the head and rubbing the length of my dick. The sensations are out of this world and anyway I wanted sexual release. This seems real and pleasurable.

He takes me in his mouth again and I go back to sucking him – having our own version of 69. He presses my cock harder and I just can’t hold back anymore. I squirt and he removes his mouth laughing. He continues rubbing me as I orgasm and squirt semen. He gets off the table and cleans me off. I lay there panting and breathing hard, trying to calm down.

Once I calm down, I get dressed and leave the place. I do leave a generous tip for him. This was my first gay sexual experience and I was pleasantly surprised with the erotic massage.

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