I Fell in Love with the Caramel Feet of My Boss

I had recently changed my job and I liked my new boss. She was not only stunning but also extremely sweet. I am James, 26 years old and always in search of fulfilling my dirty fantasies. She always wore either leather or suede high heels along with a shirt that amplified her bosom and a tight skirt that showed off her long caramel coloured toned legs. I have always been a sucker for well-toned legs and feet and I was crazily in love with them. I was going to experience Love with the Caramel Feet of My Boss.

She would call me in for discussions and would sit at the desk, near me without her heels, displaying her legs and feet to me. Half of the time I would be too distracted by them to listen to anything. All I wanted to do then was to fuck those amazing feet time and over again. I think she knew that I was captivated by them and was deliberately teasing me. Which now, I know that she was actually deliberately doing that.

A year ago, she asked me in her cabin and asked me to sit on the couch. She dragged the chair in front of me and sat right across me. She started giving me instructions and was twitching her feet repeatedly. “Is something wrong with your legs?” I asked curiously. She smiled and said,”yes, I have a little ache.” I offered, “I know feet relaxation, may I?” She smiled even more and put her feet on my lap. My cock stirred.

I tried to readjust and started massaging her feet. My erection was getting stronger each minute. She stirred and moved her feet closer to my cock. I was feeling embarrassed and aroused at the same time. She noticed the bulge and put her feet on either side of my crotch and started massaging it lightly. A moan escaped my throat.

She laughed devilishly and asked me to close the door. I jumped up, bolted the door and quickly resumed my seat. This time, she put her feet up on the back of the couch, on both sides of my face. I couldn’t help and sniffed them one by one. Then I gave them a little lick and she laughed “it tickles.” I laughed and did it again. She withdrew her feet and I was disappointed. But within seconds I felt them rubbing my groin again. I groaned with need. I was falling in Love with the Caramel Feet of My Boss, truly.

She came around and sat beside me. I started missing her feet instantly. She looked me in the eye and started rubbing my erection from over my trousers. It was getting uncomfortable. And like my prayer was heard, she dragged me to the table and threw everything on the floor. Without waiting, I put her on the table, lowered my trousers and boxers and my erection sprang out finally getting the freedom.

I took her feet, put them around my cock and started moving to and fro. I was in heaven. This was what I always dreamed of, ever since I joined this company. A few jerks and I was almost on the verge of orgasming, and so I stopped. I moved closer to her on the desk, made her skirt rise higher and tore her undergarment. I didn’t wait and put my raging cock into her hot folds. I tore open her shirt and sent her button flying in all directions.

Her breasts were clad in the black lacy bra. I slipped them off from her and mauled her heavy bosom. I squeezed them and sucked on them till they were red. And then with all my force, I fucked her hard. When I was about to come, I took it out and aimed at her feet and came there. I knew we were going to go a long way together.

We discussed work in front of other team members but whenever we get a chance, we straight away get onto bang on, especially the fetish sex fantasies we both need.

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