Fetish seduction on my wedding night

In my family, women are always covered in a Burkha. It is believed that covering up a woman’s body keeps them safe from evil eye be it from their own father or even their husband’s ninth wife. Like in the western world, when I was a kid, we were never exposed to a woman’s body, apart from their eyes or their feet. Clean beautiful feet with mehendi design or alta dye stain, often made me wonder about what lied under it. Destiny had something else defined for me and I sharing my story of fetish seduction on my wedding night.

When I turned 21, I was married off to a girl 5 years younger than me. I had never seen her face. On our wedding day, I closed my eyes and wished it was all a dream. The thoughts of escaping the wedding to spend time with my friends, ran through my mind. Suddenly, my lungs were filled with the fragrance of roses. It was her, passing by. I opened my eyes to steal a glance. I could see her feet. Gorgeous milk white feet with red nail polish. Orange alta dye on the foot complimenting her silver oxidised jewellery. I got excited. I felt an urge to see the owner of that pair. I wanted to kiss them, place them on my head and worship them.

I entered my room. And, there she sat on the bed of roses. She wore a traditional green kameez and a skirt set, covered from head to toe. I was eager like a little child to take a look at those feet. I sat next to her and moved her skirt to see it. I could finally see her beautiful feet, up and close. Her toes twitched upon my touch. I was hard already. I got on my knees and bent my neck to kiss her feet. I felt like I was praying and thanking the almighty for this gift. She slyly slipped her feet in the skirt.

I pulled them out and held them tight. She lost her balance and fell flat on the bed. I raised her skirt till her thighs, kissing her feet hastily. An urge to give it all to her, took me over. So, I quickly rose on the bed and removed my clothes. I was only in my white briefs now. I caressed her feet and moved it between my thighs. I rubbed her foot on my crotch. She resisted a bit, but I held her tight. The smell of roses in the air was very soothing. I wondered if her body smelled of roses too. So, I leaned in between her legs.

I rubbed my face on her cotton floral panties. I took a deep breath, while rubbing her foot on my crotch. Now, I moved her foot inside my briefs and rubbed my wet tip with the tip of her toe. Her nails were sharp, but I enjoyed every bit of it. I shifted my butt to make her toe separate my skin. Her toe pushed my skin behind and caressed my bare skin. It burnt a little. It was warm now and I was already oozing. I heard her mumble something, but I didn’t care. I strategically placed my dick under her toes and gripped her calf to move in my desired direction, till I came. My cum, alta dye coloured, trickling under her foot. I wiped her feet with my shirt and kissed the pair, gently. I got up to leave the room and spend the rest of the night with my boys.

The next morning, I entered the kitchen to get my breakfast. I saw 3 new brides sitting opposite one another with an empty seat next to them for their husbands. I stood there for some sign to know which one mine was. My whole night of fetish seduction on my wedding night flashed in front of me, trying to recollect a glimpse of my newly wedded wife, I had none.

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