My Week-Long Affair with a Hot Escort

This was the third time I was meeting Xena. I was having an affair with her and I had kept it a secret from my wife. What do I say? I was addicted to her or rather my cock was addicted to her pussy. And she was naughty as hell so I enjoyed doing things with her of sexual nature. I don’t feel bad having an affair with a hot escort like Xena.

Once, she invited me to her apartment and she had a “friend” there. I fingered both of them and licked their pussy alternatively. It was a big success for me in terms of pleasure. Xena was an escort and I had met her through an escort agency. Of course, I was paying for it and I had told her that I would increase her tip if she made my experience exciting and worthwhile. So, she tried her best.

Today I was meeting her at my beachfront condo. It looked out onto the beach below and had a great view. At 9 pm she entered the apartment, dressed as a nurse. Fishnet stockings, a short white dress and dark red lipstick. I could see her lacey bra a little, adding to the sexy-naughty look. The dress was short and tight. So tight that the buttons were barely holding it together. If I popped one button, all would come undone I bet.

Xena was a hot escort girl, with a busty body and curves in all the right places. Her blonde hair and blue eyes added to her charm as a sexy escort. I lick my lips and watch her come in. She deliberately bends to keep her bag on the floor and I see her crotchless panties. Fuck! My cock is standing up in attention already and I haven’t even touched her. This is going to be good I know.

I beckon her forward to me and she walks closer. I actually pop the first button and as I had guessed, they all come off. Her boobs literally jump out of her tight dress. I wish I had recorded that and played back in slow motion; my cock would have leaked. Her big breasts were bulging out of the bralette she was wearing and I already wanted to chew on them. Yeah! She aroused animalistic and sexual thoughts in me.

I rub her through her panties and watch as she shamelessly grinds on my hand. I like this about her, so forward and giving. She shakes her boobs in my face and I give her a bite. She asked for it. She whelps and goes away. I turn on the music and watch as she dances to the beat. She moves her hot body and I grab my cock as I watch her make those sexy moves. She moves closer to do a striptease and removes her bra, her boobs spilling out. She is attempting to get a hold of my cock and I rub my face against her boobs.

She giggles and lets me play with her boobs as she massages my cock gently with two hands. Her boobs are near my face and I take advantage, sucking on parts of her breasts and also licking her nipples. I feel so good when she touches my cock gently and I get to suck on her nipples. I finally have my fill and she kneels to pleasure me. Her mouth circles my cockhead and her tongue touches it. “Ahhh,” I moan, my cock is sensitive. She pulls back the foreskin and gives me a long lick. I gulp in anticipation and watch what she does next. My affair with a hot escort has given me the luxury of fulfilling all fetishes.

Her hands move over my cock, going up and down, massaging, rubbing, giving me a handjob while sucking the head. At one time she is sucking the head, rubbing my length with one hand and massaging my balls with the other. She continues to do this for a good while. Her soft boobs are squished against my legs. I thrust my hips a few times to push deeper into her mouth. She gags a few times and then tries to take the full length on her own. Slowly, I push in deeper and can feel it when my cockhead hits the back of her throat.

She sucks on the length while blowing me. As she breathes, her throat squeezes my cock and it is an indescribable feeling. She lets my cock out of her mouth and gets up, but I want to tie her up and do naughty things to her. I have a few things in mind for that.

As she gets up and walks to the balcony, I go behind her, covering my cock in a condom. She is leaning on the balcony and her ass is pushed out towards me. I feel up her clit and then her pussy, checking her pussyhole with my fingers. She is wet as expected and so I penetrate her. I pinch her nipples while thrusting into her pussy. Every time I play with her boobs her vagina squeezes my cock. I leisurely pump in and out of her cunt while watching the night lights.

Then I start thrusting faster, drawing moans from both of us. There is a cool breeze tonight and I want to stay out, fucking her in the open. It’s dark so I know that people from below won’t be able to see us.  “Unhhh, yes fuck me, fuck me!” she says and shakes her hips. I do as she says and fuck her faster, harder. I move my hips quickly and I am literally pounding her pussy. But she takes it all.

I flick her clit and pinch it when she starts to cum. Her cunt is going crazy convulsing and squeezing my dick. I moan loudly, I can’t control myself. By the time she calms, I am on a roll, going through an orgasm. I still thrust, slowly, letting her pussy milk me out. I pull out and sit on a chair watching her round ass.

My condom is full, I came so much. But I have the full night to fuck her and play with her. I will take advantage of this paid time and definitely have fun. I really enjoy the affair with a hot escort, lovely Xena.

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