I fucked my student’s mom

I am Gregory- a middle-school teacher in the suburbs of Somerset. I am originally from San Antonio but settled here after I got this job. At 35 years, I am married with a kid. My wife, Josephine is beautiful and we love each other dearly. But there is not much adventure in our marriage and I crave that. As years passed, I find myself occasionally fantasizing about an affair now and then. I miss the bustling life of San Antonio as I miss the spice in our marriage. Life is dreary here. I go to the school and drop my kid to pre-school on the way. In the evening I am back home and spending most of my time watching TV with my wife. It has been the same routine for almost 5 years now. However, I must confess that I fucked my student’s mom in the school.

It was a parents teacher day in school and I had to leave early. I dragged myself to my workplace barely acknowledging where I went. I did not have much hope for the day. it was expected to be another dull regular day for me. I must admit I did not even think about how wrong I was. I walked into my class where the parents and their kids sat. In the first row was a blonde gorgeous woman with a very cute girl. I barely had noticed the kid before she was very shy. I always assumed it had something to do with the mother.

But seeing her mom I knew I could not have been more wrong. She was outgoing- it was etched on her face and her body. She looked way too gorgeous for this suburban town. Turned out, her name is Samantha and they are new to this town. She is divorced and moved here with the kid. We discussed the child’s report cards and performance and she went away. But that day I could not keep her out from my head. At home when I am alone, I often browse through to find San Antonio escort. As I was going through the picture I remembered her even more.

The next few weeks went quietly. One day as I was about to leave office, Samantha came around to inform her daughter would not be coming to school for a week due to illness. As we chatted about the issues, and I explained how it can harm her daughter’s report, all I could do was stare at her heaving boobs. She noticed that and I quickly turned away. As I was trying to show her the way out, she turned to me and kissed. The school was empty and I knew no one would see us as I kissed back. I did not think of anything- not even my wife or the escorts I saw on the internet.

I was quickly trying to take off Samantha’s shirt. She was doing the same. Soon we were naked. She was on my desk with her legs spread. I grabbed her waist with one hand and squeezed her boobs with the other. She had already pulled down my pants and my boner was hard. She looked down at my impressive 9 incher and smiled widely. She hopped down from the table and put it in her mouth as she kneeled before me. as she sucked on and on, I moaned out in pleasure. I could feel the pre-cum oozing out from the tip. She smacked her lips as she tasted the saltiness.

I pulled her up once more and then picked her up off the floor. Her legs were wrapped around me and I positioned my dick and thrust it inside her. I held her against the wall as I thrusted in and out of her. She moaned in my ear and was wrapped tightly around me. as I kept thrusting, I felt her vagina grip my dick and squeeze it. then I let her down on the table and she lied down. I started fucking her really hard as her hips hung off the desk. In another 15 minutes, I was about to orgasm. I pulled out and sprayed my love juices all over her face and tits.

Then I went down on my knees and licked her vagina. Her clit was looking juicy and throbbed slightly. I ran my tongue up her clitoris. Then I started flicking my tongue up and down her vagina and kissed her there. The pungent yet sweet scent was driving me crazy. I started sucking the clitoris slightly. She arched her back and moaned out. I continued to lick and then started fingering her too. She was really wet. I could hear the sloshing of her juices as I fingered her hard. I kept this up till she gasped out that she is about to orgasm. I went even faster with the fingering and licking. In a couple more minutes, my face and chest was drenched in ger juices as she had a massive orgasm. She squirted so hard that I almost gagged with the flow of the juices.

Once she was done orgasming, I was getting another hard-on. This time, I made her face the wall and stand while I took her from behind. Her ass cheeks slapped on the base of my dick as I felt my dick touch her G-spot every time. After another fifteen minutes of relentlessly fucking her, I could not hold back anymore and orgasmed. This time, her pussy was filled with my love juices. Both of us panted and slid down on the floor as we fathomed what just happened. We did not talk as we got dressed quickly. I had just fucked my student’s mom and we could barely look at each other. I thought this is going to end in a fling. We cleaned up and once we were fully dressed, I looked at her. She moved forward and kissed me tenderly. I was blank and then she said, “until next time.” I looked at her wide-eyed as she smiled and walked away.

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