Affair with Wife’s friend whom I met in a wedding

I am 45 years old and my name is John. My wife is a socialite. She has so many friends that she is invited to various weddings and parties all the time. I am a person who likes to stay indoors after a long day of work. Although, this one time she forced me to attend a wedding with her. I had come home early from work and so, I agreed. Didn’t know this would turn into an affair with wife’s friend.

I went to the wedding and my wife introduced me to all her friends. I was taken aback by one of her friends. He name was Sheila. She was a beautiful woman from Morocco. She had brown skin and black hair. I was curious to know more about her and so, I headed straight to the bar where she was there.

She was in her mid-thirties and was in a different country for work. She had less friends as she has shifted 3 months back. Also, she met my wife in the gym. I could already see that she works out. She had a lean body with petite waist. However, she had rounded hips and thick thighs. I really liked that about her.

My wife was busy with her friends and she rarely noticed me. So, I thought of staying with Sheila. Even she barely knew anyone. We drank for some time and then went for food. After that, she asked me if I had cigarettes. I realised that I forgot my box at home. Taking that opportunity, I asked her if she would like to go out for a drive and get some smokes. She agreed.

I took her and we smoked one cigarette. After that, I asked her if she was single. She gave a sly smile and said no. Even I am married just like you. I was a little disappointed but, then she caressed my hair and said that it does not make much of a difference. I did not start the car and leaned towards her. She also leaned and kissed me.

Then, she suggested to get in the backseat of the car. Sheila was wearing a gown with a high slit and low neckline. Thus, it was very easy for me to work around and explore her body. I started with her breasts. I grabbed her boobs and pinched her nipples. She groaned with pain.

After that, she grabbed my penis and started rubbing it. It was becoming hard and hard. Then, I got on her and she opened my pants. We were having a bit of difficulty in the car but, we both were equally horny. Then, I inserted my penis in her vagina. She moaned with pleasure.

At the same time, she was pinching my ears and licking my neck. I was so pumped and turned on at the same time. She continued sucking a part of my neck and biting it. I increased the speed and inserted the penis even deeper. She groaned with pain this time. I chuckled and further increased the speed.

Then, she stopped licking my neck and started kissing me. We both were completely in to each other. She bit my lips while I was inside of her. I took one hand and grabbed her boobs. I started giving a massage to it. We were having a long and steamy session. I increased the thumping while pressing her boob. Finally, we both came together. It was like the perfect symphony.

After that, she again grabbed my face and kissed me some more. I responded with equal passion. Once we were done, she showed me the love bite she had given me on my neck. I blushed for the first time after ages. We decided that we will continue to meet for such sessions. The affair with wife’s friend was unexpected and I believe some thing comes in your life unexpectedly!

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