The tryst with my secretary got out of hands

Amanda joined our office approximately 3 months back. It was a fresh addition to the otherwise middle-aged men dominated work place. She was approximately 29 years old and had an appealing body. The raw appeal of her sexy body was undeniable and almost every head turned when she walked by. She was my secretary. Needless to say, I was a point of envy among the other guys but none would express it to my face because I was also the boss.  But unfortunately, that did not stop somebody from anonymously tipping off my wife about the tryst with my secretary. Lucky for me, Martha is the most innocent and pious sweetheart you will come across.

She cried and charged me with the allegations. All I had to do is placate her and assure there was nothing. The next day when I went back to office- I fired a bunch of guys I suspected. It sent the message loud and clear that I did not care about losing employees if they tried to outsmart me. Either I had managed to fire the culprit among the suspects or the action was enough to silence them. There were no more anonymous calls and soon my wife calmed down, believing my version about pathetic rivals.

The occasional flirting and innocent innuendoes were all that we shared at office. Amanda never expressed any discomfort and I never made a move beyond occasionally brushing her hair or cheeks or shoulder with my fingers. Soon we had a business meet outside the city and she had to accompany me. I was actually overjoyed to have her with me. She seemed happy too but did not express much. I informed my wife about it and soon in the big day, we left together for the airport.

Once we landed in Los Angeles where we had the meeting, we quickly headed to the location to meet the clients. The presentations went well. Amanda was not just pretty but great at her job. Her presentation and her beauty mesmerized the clients and we had the deal. We decided to celebrate that evening. If only we knew how far the celebrations are going to go that day!

We decided to head to the bar on the roof of our hotel that evening. I turned off my phone for the day. I hated when my wife called while I was drinking- she would nag about my health and about how bad drinking was. Once we had settled down at a corner of the pub, she got a Long Island Iced tea while I took a whiskey. We drank and discussed our meeting as well as our personal lives. Time flew and glasses were emptied- both went unnoticed by either of us. I was rather high when she groggily said we should stop. I do not know what came over me- I got flashes of her sitting there and my my wife’s face- it was all jumbled up. May be this was the beginning of the tryst with my secretary.

I moved forward and kissed her on the lips. She sat very still assessing what just happened. Things were slightly blurry for me but I noticed she came closer to me. After a few seconds, I felt her warm and soft lips on mine and they were slowly crushing on my lips. She came closer and we hugged and kissed each other. The number of times I imagined her in my arms this way! I could not believe it was actually happening.

We stumbled down to the elevator and to my suite in the next few minutes. Once we were inside the room, I was already taking off her off-shoulder dress. She was unbuttoning my shirt. In seconds, she had proceeded to my trousers and unzipped it. She pulled out my dick which was already rock hard. I was waiting to take off her bra but she quickly gobbled up my dick instead. She was sucking very hard and fast on my dick and I felt the precum oozing out. She smacked her lips acknowledging the taste of it. I quickly pulled her up by the shoulder and the popped out her breasts from her bra.

They were really round and big. I buried my face in between them and started kissing and biting all over it. She moaned and smiled and started pushing her breasts at my face. I was sucking really hard on her tits now. I moved one hand down to her vagina and it was dripping wet. I started fingering her and she moaned loudly. We fell over on the bed as I fingered her and she whispered earnestly in my ears to fuck her. It did not take telling twice and I mounted on top of her. I positioned my dick at her vagina and thrusted hard. The tryst with my secretary was amazing and I wanted to make the most out of it.

Her pussy was sleek from all the love juices and my dick slid in very easily. She moaned out in pleasure and her back arched from my thrust. I started fucking her really hard and fast. She was almost slipping of the edge of the bed and her breasts bounced madly. We both were dazed from all the drinks but having her in my arms, moaning and wanting me felt euphoric. After almost half an hour of fucking her hard, she started blabbering loudly about climaxing. I fast even harder and soon my dick was drenched in her love juices.

She went slightly limp in my arms but I continued fucking her fast. In a few minutes, I orgasmed too. It was the best orgasm I had in years. We lay silently for some time and then we snuggled and slept off. In the morning, it was a bit awkward. But I did not want her to go or feel used. I expressed my feelings and she reciprocated. For the next few days of the business tour, the tryst with my secretary became a routine. Even today after 3 years since that day, we still manage to keep up the thrill and the affair, hidden from the world.

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