Met Someone Special from a Dating Website

I had the will to live happy, that’s what my Nana had said. Today at 28 with a body on the heavier style, I still am sassy and outspoken. Sometimes I do feel let down by my body but I feel I make it up with my will to stand proud and strong. One day, I chose to visit some adult dating websites portal and signed up to see what it is about. What did I know that I would meet someone special from a dating website.

Jamie, the hot bod single dad. Gosh, I don’t remember how it started but we had virtual sex the first time and I came like never before. Soon, we were wanting to meet in person. And today we meet.

The bell rings and there stands Jamie, muscled, tattooed and hugs everywhere. Truly huge down there as well. I smile and let him in. He’s got me flowers and some candy too. Not many dates get me candy thinking that I’m fat enough, but not Jamie. He gives me the gifts and presses a soft kiss on my lips. But my body is hungry for his and I grab him.

I kiss him hard on the lips, making my intentions clear. My mouth opens for his tongue as he prods my mouth. I open his simple button down to reveal his inked chest and shoulders. He is super sexy and huge. I run my hands over his tattoos and feel hi nipple under my hand. I bend and lick it because I wanted to and hear him groan. He finally touches me by groping my ass.

He pushes me against the window and grinds his thick cock against my clothed pussy. I moan incoherently and clutch at his hair. “Do you want me to fuck you?” he asks and I whimper emphatically, “Yes!” He grins and palms my ass. He rips open the front of my dress sending the buttons scattering. His mouth latches onto my nipple and I feel his tongue doing wonderful things to my tits. He stops and rubs his face against my tits. “I love your boobies,” he murmurs. I smile and palm his ass in turn.

He turns me around and I am pressed against a window, naked. The thrill of being seen sends liquids running out of my nether region. Jamie touches my shoulders and moves down to my ass. He parts my lips and touches my intimate part. He rubs his fingers there drawing more liquid and finally plunges inside my wet pussy. I groan and so does he, “So wet for me.” I can only hear the swish swish as his fingers stroke me. I feel him move close as his arm holds me and grasps one breast. He tweaks my nipple and rubs my g-spot and I come instantly.

Then it’s his turn and he pushes his massive dick inside me. The thrust makes me move against the window. And then begins the constant slap slap of his balls against my thighs. The world could be watching us fuck and this makes it highly arousing. Then he pulls out, turns me around and begins to pound into me. We are going at it like animals and I cannot help but fuck him hard.

I feel desired, hot and sexy. Post sex we just lie down on the couch, watching movies. I know he has to leave soon but he promises phone sex. And I am smiling so hard that my cheeks hurt. I know that I am going to see him many more times. How? I can feel him hardening against my ass not more than 5 minutes after his orgasm. If you are lucky, you meet Someone Special from a dating website like I met Jamie!

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