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  1. Please note that this Privacy Policy is valid for visitors and users of our website
  2. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our guests and clients, including members. You agree and provide consent to the Terms and Conditions of our privacy policy by using our website.
  3. Please note that all names that appear on the stories are fictitious and it is not intended to harm any specific person. It is just a co-incidence, if it relates with your own story.
  4. Categories like incest sex stories and fetish sex stories are a work of fiction and we do not intend to hurt anyone’s emotions.
  5. We are not to be held responsible for any issues that may occur due to the story submitted by users, You can report any issue with the story or website by using the “contact us” form.

Personal Data:

  1. Please note that our target age group to use the services and website are individuals over the age of 18. You have to leave the website immediately, if you are below 18+. You may also prefer to exit the website immediately if you are not happy with adult writing.
  2. Please report users whom you find are under the age of 18 has registered for and/or posted data on our website. You may reach out to us through “Contact us” form and be assured that necessary action will be taken apart from deleting the personal data.
  3. We may use your personal data such as IP address, location, Operating System, browser version and type for evaluating the use of the services offered in the website. Please do not provide any other person’s personal data to us unless asked by us.
  4. Please note that you have absolute authority to your personal data with respect to its access, deletion, data transferability, withdraw consent or report to managerial authority
  5. Our site comprises of articles with content, links such as Pictures, Videos, etc. We do not have control over third party content links and are not responsible for the privacy policies and practices of third parties.
  6. In order to comply with legal requirements as prescribed by law or to protect our rights, we may share your information as appropriate.


  1. Users are required to provide approval for using cookies when they visit our website for the first time. Users can also cancel using cookies through your web browser anytime. Your browser help topics can provide more details on how to cancel cookies.
  2. Please note that cookies will be stored in your computer when you visit our website and our service providers may use them.


  1. Guest IP address and browser details or information provided in the comments section may be used to identify SPAM users.

Policy changes:

  1. We constantly thrive to keep our privacy policy up to date and hence from time to time our website will be updated with the required changes. We may also inform the users through email or by displaying messages on the website for any changes in the policy.
  2. Please note that this policy is not valid to any information that are collected offline or through other mediums.

Please contact us using the “Contact Form” if you have any additional queries or issues relating to privacy.

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